Payout Schedule

Cashback payout will be issued at your request. You will be able to request a cashback payout once you have any PAYABLE funds in your account. Once a payout has been made there will be a small period before you can request your next payout. Commission payout received by ourselves are held as our funds until such time as they are sent in the form of cashback to our members.

Should a retailer delay payout or cease trading then we will make every reasonable effort to recover your cashback but we cannot guarantee to pay any affected funds until they have been received from the advertiser/retailer or their agents.

Individual payout methods may be limited or withdrawn on a discretionary basis to ensure only localized payout methods are made as per our membership terms. You must keep payout details accurate to avoid losing any due payout. Payout made to incorrect destinations are not always recoverable and may be subject to a recovery fee. We will not be held liable for any delays, or consequences of delays, in payout. At any point we reserve the right to put payout requests on hold pending any investigation; this may be the case where unusual account activity is detected and verification is therefore required in order to deem transactions as genuine.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any tax that may be due is paid accordingly.